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Anne Diaz


Anne Diaz

Product Leader, Airbnb

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Anne is a strong leader who not only guarantees results herself but pushes her team to ensure everyone is working to create at the best of their ability. She is now working on Product for Anti-Discrimination at Airbnb. During her almost six years with the company she has also held roles as Experience Researcher and Lead Experience Researcher/Research Manager for Trust and Support Products.

Previously she was a User Experience Researcher at The Hunt, a small start-up that was later acquired by Pinterest. Before that, she spent a little over two years as Director of UX Research for Causes, a for-profit startup that was one of the first Facebook apps. She also has experience as a Program Manager and Consultant at Taproot Foundation. She was a part of a team of designers, marketers, IT specialists, strategic managers, and human resource professionals who worked together to provide pro-bono service projects for other nonprofits.

Her colleagues label her as a super organized, hard worker who is truly passionate about making a difference in the world through the businesses and the people that she works alongside. When working at Causes, she would not stop until the company culture completely took in and acted on both the aspirations and frustrations of their customers. She is always looking for ways to improve herself, her work, and her team.

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