Annie Dunham


Annie Dunham

VP of Product Management, ProductPlan

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Annie is VP of Product Management at ProductPlan. Before being promoted to her current role she spent three years as their Director of Product Management. She believes that the number one goal for each and every product should be to make an influence. During her 15 years in the industry, she has been pushing product and engineering teams to build on their strengths and identify opportunities.

Annie has worked as Director of Product Management for a number of companies including LogicMonitor, Elite Meetings International, and Blue Casa Communications. She was also a Product Owner and Engineer for seven years at Resort Data Processing. She holds a Bachelor's in Spanish from the University of Iowa. She is also the author of "Impact: Spark Your Product Success with an Impact-First Mindset".

Annie builds great products by first building great teams. She surrounds herself with the best of the best, helping them to move in the right direction, and letting their ideas flow. Not only is she an absolute delight to work with, but she also knows how to help her team and company level up and create greatness. She is always coming up with creative ways to solve problems and making the solutions seem effortless.

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