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Bala Muthukrishnan

Product Manager Lead, Google

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Bala Muthukrishnan, a dynamic Google Product Manager Lead, has had a remarkable career journey characterized by both people management and functional expertise. His domain knowledge spans Digital Identity, Payments, Digital Advertising, and Tech Hardware, reflecting a versatile approach to product leadership.

Currently, Bala is working in the customer and identity management sphere, nestled within Google's Payments division. Here, he steers the collection, protection, verification, and management of real-world user and organization identities, simplifying customer onboarding and enhancing security. His strategic vision introduced Federated Identity and Authentication to Google Payments, reducing onboarding time from months to days. Bala's remarkable ability to consolidate insights into product requirements and collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams demonstrates his impact on Google's digital identity and payment experiences.

Bala previously managed Google Ads, directing program managers and spearheading the ads product UX organization strategy. He pioneered novel ad experiences, bolstering user trust in a cookie-less advertising landscape. His career showcases a blend of strategic thinking, technical product management, and a knack for turning ideas into impactful products.

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