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Bec Mitrevski

Product Craft Lead, Canva

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Bec Mitrevski is an accomplished product leader with over a decade of experience in building successful businesses and products. Currently, she serves as a Product Craft Lead at Canva, where she leads Canva’s product craft. This is a recent change. Before this, Bec built Canva’s Creator team and product. In this role, she grew the team from six people to over 100 people across more than 20 countries. She also led the team through difficult shifts, such as supporting Ukrainian Creators when the war broke out in Ukraine, and Canva’s subsequent extraction from Russia.

Prior to joining Canva, Rebecca led the initiation and subsequent scale of Telstra Connect, in Australia’s largest telecomm. In this role, she grew the product from an early MVP to supporting over 8,000 B2B organizations in less than two years. Under her leadership, the product transformed Telstra and physical customer experiences and has been established as a platform to achieve much more.

Rebecca's success is rooted in her ability to build strong, high-performing teams and products. She listens to her team and considers their priorities. Bec is known for being the calm voice in the midst of chaos, and she does her best work when the teams are under the most intense settings. Her impressive track record has earned her recognition as the 2022 Customer Experience Leader of the Year issued by Women in Digital. Bec is a true leader, and those who have worked with her have nothing but praise for her ability to inspire and uplift teams to achieve their goals.

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