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Bibek Das


Bibek Das

Director of Product at Visa. Formerly at WeWork

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Bibek Das has been building innovative products for almost two decades. In his latest role as Director of Product at Visa, he has been working on Rapid Dispute Resolution and Order Insight Digital, in order to enrich and improve the user experience. Before joining Visa, Bibek worked as a Senior Director of Product Strategy and Commercialization at WeWork. In his year in that role, he achieved a significant number of accomplishments including strengthing PMF through research, launching three new product streams, and creating a new model for the feature intake funnel. He has also held senior product roles at Kohl's, PayPal, and RS Software.

Bibek has been described as a customer-focused Product Leader who teaches by example. He has impressed his colleagues time and time again with his work ethic, creativity, and deep knowledge of product and tech. He has been a go-to for many when large, complex problems come their way as he is incredibly talented at breaking them down into smaller and more easily managed issues. Bibek earned both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from the Indian Institue of Technology, Kharagpur.

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