Biplav Saraf


Biplav Saraf

Senior Product Manager, Amazon

Biplav is a data-driven and customer-centric leader that always aims to drive a vision. Currently, Biplav is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon. Prior to his current role, he was a Director of Product at Capillary Technologies. In addition, he was a Product Manager at Zenify. Before Product, Biplav was a Software Engineer across various companies such as Act-On Software, New Initiatives, and LifeSize Communications. Due to his entrepreneurial mindset, he Co-Founded 3kalp, news, examination results, courseware, and content aggregation service for VTU students. Biplav has a knack of understanding customer problems deeply and brings good insights into the decision making process. He is also extremely data-driven and is able to use data effectively to validate his assumptions.

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