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Brittany Soinski

Manager, Customer Success Programs, Loom

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Brittany Soinski is a Manager of Customer Success Programs at Loom, working diligently to delight and inspire customers all while ensuring they get the most value out of their product in the quickest possible time. Throughout her time at the company not only has she built their onboarding strategy and roadmap but has also been part of the Team Impact Discovery Program, the Technical Implementation process, and their customer-facing resource hub, Loom's Center of Excellence team. She collaborates with data teams while leaning on her project management background to add value and measure the success of each program and continue adding value to her customers' lives. Before Loom, Brittany worked as a Senior Customer Success Architect at MURAL where she helped manage some of the company's largest enterprise clients.

Brittany's career in customer success has bloomed due to her excellent facilitating and storytelling abilities. She knows how to engage stakeholders in both virtual and in-person settings and always keeps things fun, fascinating, and educational. She has strong experience building innovative learning programs that thrive due to her positive attitude and passion for helping teams.

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