Buster Benson


Buster Benson

Fmr Product Manager, Slack

Buster is an Author, Cofounder, and experienced Product Manager.  He began his Product Management career working at Amazon for nearly 6 years as a Web Developer, Product Manager on the Personalization and Discovery team, and a Software Engineer on a small team reporting to Jeff Bezos building internal tools like the Idea Tool. After Amazon, Buster went on to be Founder/Cofounder of a few companies. He Cofounded and built 43things.com, 43places.com, allconsuming.net, and several other sites that helped people publicize their interests on the web; and Enjoymentland, anticipating the future by creating meaningful social technologies that help people live the extra good life. Additionally, Buster was Founder of Health Month, a DIY health-improvement site that leveraged the best of social and gamification to help keep you on track, and Habit Labs, a social health software startup. Buster then went to work at Twitter as a Senior Software Engineer and Senior Product Manager, working on the Cards team and forecasting on analytics.twitter.com. A couple of years later, Buster went to work at Slack as a Senior Product Manager, then became a Group Product Manager. Currently, he’s writing a book titled "Why Are We Yelling? The Art of Productive Disagreement" and runs 750words.com

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