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Cara de Freitas Bart

Group Product Manager at LinkedIn

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Cara de Freitas Bart is a distinguished leader in the field of product management, currently serving as the Group Product Manager at LinkedIn. Leading the LinkedIn Learning Enterprise team, Cara is at the forefront of developing an unparalleled enterprise learning product, designed to equip professionals with the skills essential for advancing their careers. Her extensive experience reflects a commitment to crafting innovative solutions that drive career growth and empowerment.

In her prior role as Principal Product Manager at LinkedIn, Cara played a pivotal role in shaping the Hiring Platform within LinkedIn Talent Solutions. Responsible for transforming data into actionable insights, she empowered recruiters to turn a vast pool of 700+ million professionals into qualified candidates and successful hires. Cara's dedication to leveraging technology for impactful talent acquisition demonstrates her commitment to driving positive change in the professional landscape.

Before joining LinkedIn, Cara made significant contributions as a Product Manager at Egnyte. Leading an international team, she successfully developed and launched Turbo, a secure unified access solution for user data stored in the cloud and on local devices. Cara's academic background, with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from Princeton University and a Master's degree in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology, underscores her technical proficiency and strategic approach to product management.

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