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Caroline Huskey

Group Product Manager, Canva

Caroline Huskey is a Group Product Manager at Canva, currently serving as the product lead for the subscriptions growth sup-group. She joined the company two years ago as a PM working on trials and retention growth. Caroline has also worked at Docusign, as a Mobile Revenue Growth Manager. She helped administer the mobile budget while driving revenue growth by 23% YoY. She also has experience as an Apps Revenue Growth Associate at Google and a Digital Marketing Associate at TripAdvisor.

Caroline graduated with honors from Wake Forest University. There she earned her Bachelor's in Economics. She was Captian of the Ethics Debate team, a Senior Mentor at the CHARGE Leadership Program, and studied Mandarin and Chinese Politics during a semester abroad at NYU Shanghai. She also holds an MBA from INSEAD. During her studies, she was a VP of Product for the INSEAD Technology Club and Chairwomen of the 2020 Product Games.

Caroline has been described by colleagues as an extremely hard worker who has time after time played a key role in major project development. She knows how to turn ideas and visions into action while maintaining a positive attitude and collaborative approach.

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