Chris Rader


Chris Rader

Product Director, Centercode

Chris has a background in user experience and market research with a focus on product design and development. Currently, he is a Product Director at Centercode. He was a Product Manager and a Product Marketing Analyst at the company prior to earning his current position. Chris is devoted to delivering impactful product experiences that support the needs of diverse markets through data-driven product management. Prior to this, Chris was a User Researcher at Western Digital, he partnered with product teams to deliver delightful experiences across all product lines. According to his colleague, he has a broad range of ability, and an incredible work ethic to back it up. From interacting with users to analyzing huge amounts of data to creating marketing documentation – Chris excels. He is a great team player that is able to work on his own and always turns out amazing results. He has a design mind and can see beyond the problems into a variety of solutions. Chris is a great collaborator and naturally works towards the best possible solution. 

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