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Chris Thieda

PM Manager, Disney

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Christopher Thieda, a published technologist with an impressive eleven years of product management experience, has left an indelible mark across multiple dynamic industries, from autonomous vehicles and artificial intelligence to fintech and cybersecurity. He has excelled in both Fortune 10 corporations and startup ventures, effectively overseeing millions of users, substantial budgets, and multi-million-dollar revenues. Christopher is also the founder of several non-profit organizations, demonstrating his commitment to both the tech industry and community betterment.

Christopher's most recent endeavor led him to The Walt Disney Company, where he currently is working as a Manager of Product Management. His diverse background in the autonomous vehicle and AI sectors equips him with a unique skill set to navigate the dynamic world of entertainment technology. He's proven himself as a leader with the ability to drive product development and foster innovation within cross-functional teams. His previous role at Embark Trucks, leading as Principal Technical Product Manager, solidified his ability to manage SaaS products, creating the foundation for self-driving truck operations. His success is perhaps best highlighted by the remarkable 94% reduction in high-severity operational incidents, an accomplishment that underlines his meticulous attention to product reliability and safety.

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