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Conner Sherline

Founder. Former Facebook

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Conner is a passionate product leader, digital marketer, and entrepreneur with 8+ years of experience in building teams, launching new products, and growing businesses. Conner founded NewCo, a stealth startup, driving down acquisition costs for DTC brands. As well as that, he works as Principal Consultant at Sherline Media, helping businesses of all sizes optimize their product & marketing strategies. Previously Conner worked as a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Affirm, where he led the conceptualization and GTM rollout for new financial products that improve people’s lives. He led product development for the High-End Fashion (AffirmGO), Big Box Retail (Affirm Omnichannel), and Travel (Affirm Travel Tab) categories. Prior to joining Affirm, Conner spent five years (2013-2018) at Facebook and Instagram in a variety of roles, including Chief of Staff, Market Development, Sales and Product Marketing. There he worked with Facebook’s largest global advertisers to transform their marketing practices and company cultures to encourage innovation and agile planning. On the side, Conner keeps tabs on many sectors of technology, providing advice to startups, publishers, and other businesses on product development, design, online presence, and marketing strategy. When he's not thinking about tech, you can find him on a plane or in the mountains skiing or hiking. 

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