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Darshil Gandhi

Principal Product Marketing Manager, Amplitude

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Darshil Gandhi is a Principal Product Marketing Manager at Amplitude. He leads global technical marketing and collaborates with product and go-to-market teams on strategy, positioning, messaging, campaigns, and enablement. He is an award-winning former solutions consulting principal, having helped dozens of Amplitude customers in product, analytics and engineering roles to define North Star metrics and prioritize roadmap decisions.

Darshil has worked at both startups and enterprise companies performing a variety of roles such as mobile app development, product management, solutions consulting, and marketing. Darshil has a Masters in Engineering Management from Dartmouth College. After spending a decade in the USA, he moved to Vancouver, Canada.
Darshil’s impact extends beyond the outward aspects of marketing; he plays a key role in internal enablement and competitive intelligence, vital for enhancing product adoption and fostering the growth of the sales pipeline. Beyond his professional expertise, Darshil is a dynamic force for positive change. His colleagues and peers have lauded his exceptional abilities.

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