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David Kossnick

Product Lead, Coda

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David Kossnick is a product leader with a passion for building world-class teams and tackling ambitious visions. Currently serving as a Product Lead at, David brings his expertise in product to drive the development of innovative solutions. Prior to joining Coda, David made significant contributions as a Product Manager at YouTube and Google, where he launched various features and led cross-functional teams.

During his time at YouTube, David played a pivotal role in the launch of improved channel publishing tools as part of the "One Channel" redesign. He also founded a team focused on Creator Growth and introduced an in-product advice tool that increased feature adoption among YouTube Creators. David's leadership extended to the mobile realm, where he launched the Creator Studio mobile app for managing channels on the go. Additionally, he spearheaded the development of Creator Credits, a collaborative feature that enabled marking collaborators and building a comprehensive collaboration graph.

At Google, David showcased his expertise in product management through successful projects such as leading Code Yellows and working on localization features. He collaborated with multiple teams in search and ads to launch innovative initiatives like "Input Method Editor" aware search and improved rendering triggering. David's strong technical background, coupled with his ability to navigate challenging decisions, has been instrumental in his career.

David holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Harvard University. During his time at Harvard, he co-founded an undergraduate-led incubator called HackHarvard, where he led a team of organizers and participants in coordinating entrepreneurial programs. He also served as the co-president of the Harvard College Entrepreneurship group, organizing the Harvard Innovation Challenge.

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