David Mierke


David Mierke

Senior Product Manager, Salesforce

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David Mierke is an accomplished User Experience professional with over 8 years of experience in building physical and digital products rooted in research, design, and product marketing. Embedded in the field, David provides tactical and strategic guidance to enterprise and startup companies through iterative, user-focused processes to create fiscally and experientially successful products. 

During his lucrative career, he has worked on a broad range of activities that encompassed the fields of Design, Architecture, Strategy, and Marketing. He has spent over three years at Salesforce, the Customer Success Platform that uses social and mobile cloud technologies. He has been progressively attaining various roles, from Senior UX Researcher, Senior Experience Architect, ultimately to Senior Product Manager. During these roles, he guided multi-disciplinary teams and managed to develop, lead, and execute on strategic research endeavors.

David is also a subject matter expert on UX, Design Thinking, and User-Centered Design contributing multiple articles, keynote presentations, as well as co-teaching MBA courses on innovation and entrepreneurship at Northwestern University. He earned a Master of Architecture degree from the University of Cincinnati. 

On top of his multidisciplinary approach and great leadership skills, David is also an avid writer, mentor, and speaker. Active in educating audiences on the benefits of design thinking, the UX process, and business innovation, David has spoken to several audiences, inspiring countless managers and entrepreneurs to improve their performance.

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