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Debbie McMahon

Product Director, Financial Times

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Debbie McMahon, an accomplished product leader, currently works as the Product Director for and apps at the Financial Times. She drives B2C growth, spearheads new product initiatives, and oversees the development of exceptional storytelling and content experiences for a diverse customer base. Debbie is renowned for her outcome-focused approach, consistently prioritizing the user at the core of the design process. Her adeptness in navigating complex, evolving environments and addressing intricate challenges is underscored by sophisticated stakeholder management skills developed in highly charged political arenas, earning support across organizations up to the Board level.

Before joining the Financial Times, Debbie held the position of Head of Product for BBC Account at the BBC. In this role, she crafted and delivered a long-term, outcome-based vision for the BBC Account service, serving over 50 million users and internal customers such as BBC iPlayer and marketing. In the midst of challenges posed by a global pandemic and a dynamically changing media landscape, Debbie played a pivotal role in leading the cornerstone of the BBC's online strategy, delivering substantial improvements in user experience to millions. A mathematics graduate from the University of Glasgow, Debbie brings a wealth of experience and a track record of successful product leadership to the forefront of the digital landscape.

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