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Debbie Motilewa

Senior Product Manager, AWS

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Debbie Motilewa brings her expertise to the world of B2B and B2C SaaS products. With a proven track record, she excels in delivering customer-centric solutions that not only drive product growth but also consistently exceed market expectations. Debbie's impressive journey includes being a two-time founder, where she's been dedicated to creating sustainable businesses and vibrant communities. Beyond her professional life, Debbie's passion extends to savoring diverse cuisines and exploring the world through travel.

In her current role as a Senior Product Manager (Growth) at Amazon Web Services, Debbie is focused on empowering small and medium-sized businesses to unlock their full potential through the transformative power of cloud computing. Prior to this, she worked at Microsoft, where she led the charge as the Lead Product Manager for Communities in Viva Engage (formerly Yammer). Debbie's academic journey is equally impressive, with a Ph.D. in Management from Covenant University and a Masters from the University of Aberdeen. Her passion, knowledge, and dedication shine through in her work and leadership, making her a true mentor who empowers her teams to excel.

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