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Deepthi Jayarajan

Senior Product Manager, Zoom

Deepthi Jayarajan is a Senior Product Manager at Zoom and an instructor at Product School with over 15 years of experience in product development, engineering, and product management. Her expertise spans multiple domains including unified and real-time communications, collaboration, identity and access management, saas licensing & analytics. Deepthi has a strong product philosophy that centers around listening, empathizing, and expressing, which she leverages to find and create calm in the chaos.

As a Senior Product Manager at Zoom, Deepthi has contributed significantly to the company's growth by focusing on key product areas such as People, Users & Profiles, Contacts & Connections, Roles & Permissions, and Settings & Policy Framework. She has also been instrumental in building unified and scalable platform experiences across Zoom. Deepthi's product strategy, strategic planning, growth strategies, platform architecture, leadership development, and data analytics skills make her a valuable asset to the Zoom team.

Prior to joining Zoom, Deepthi was a Technical Product Manager at Cisco, where she managed the concept-to-launch of integrating Smart Licensing in Cisco Unified Communications Manager, which enabled customers to procure, track, and manage software licenses easily. Deepthi's collaborative and leadership qualities made her an invaluable employee at Cisco, where she was committed to the team's success above her own, helped others, and inspired team members to progress, quality, and growth. Deepthi's technical proficiency, combined with her excellent presentation skills and unique capacity to dive into technical details, make her ready for challenging roles at the next level.

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