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Deepthi Rao

Product Leader, Meta

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Deepthi Rao is a Product Leader at Meta, where she is working on creating the FinTech platform of the Future, Web3 Payments. She is also a Global Product Advocacy Lead at the Pride team at Facebook, working across the product teams to promote equal and inclusive collaboration. Her previous roles at the company, back when it was just referred to as Facebook include Product Technical PM for Facebook Pay and a PM for Enterprise Product where she was helping to build payment platforms and experiences powering digital social commerce.

Deepthi has also worked at Amazon and Microsoft in various product and technical roles. Deepthi enjoys sharing with the Product Management community and helping people understand what the Product Technical Program Manager is, how it differs from other roles, and the top skills needed to become a Product TPM. Deepthi is also passionate about products and startups and co-hosts Maker's Bar', a live talk show with emerging startup founders and change-makers.

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