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Deepti Gupta

Product Leader at Google

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Deepti Gupta is a seasoned Product Leader with over 14 years of experience in driving product management initiatives, specializing in AI/ML technologies and Gen AI solutions. With a robust background spanning across diverse industries such as healthcare, telecom, and contact center solutions, Deepti has consistently demonstrated her ability to drive customer-centric strategies, deliver exceptional user experiences, and achieve business objectives. Currently serving as a Product Lead at Google, Deepti is dedicated to empowering Google Cloud customers through AI-assisted experiences facilitated by the proprietary Gen-AI solution, Gemini. Her expertise lies in leveraging AI/ML technologies to enhance product capabilities and drive innovation, ensuring that products meet the evolving needs of customers in a rapidly changing landscape.

In her tenure at Google, Deepti has played instrumental roles in shaping the customer conversations platform, where she focused on creating AI-enabled support products to drive better experiences with potential customers. Additionally, her leadership as a Product Operations Manager has been pivotal in leading a portfolio of technical projects aimed at enhancing partner experiences and optimizing uptake of Google products and services. Deepti's academic journey reflects her commitment to excellence, holding an MBA with a specialization in Marketing and Analytics Finance from the Indian School of Business, complemented by a Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Science from Thapar Institute of Engineering & Technology.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Deepti's passion for sharing insights and fostering growth extends to her involvement as a TedX Speaker, where she enriches audiences with her expertise. Endorsed as a remarkable manager, Deepti's leadership style is characterized by empowerment and a keen understanding of individual strengths and weaknesses. Her team-centric approach, coupled with a knack for providing constructive feedback, fosters an environment of growth and recognition. Deepti's track record of success positions her as a valuable asset to any team or organization, embodying a blend of strategic vision, technical prowess, and a passion for innovation.

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