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Dhruv Saksena

Product Leader, LinkedIn

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Dhruv is a Product Leader at LinkedIn. He is working on growing the LinkedIn user base by improving the Search Engine that provides a full view of people, companies, and groups that people are searching for.

Before this, Dhruv was a Product Leader at Yelp. He was responsible for working on Yelp's Search Home Screen's look and feel as well as its relevance and personalization. Dhruv started as a Data Engineer at Yelp and transitioned to Product where he has accomplished many things, like creating a product that computes 100 metrics across all platforms, experiences, and clients to detect anomalies and alert on the anomalies which are being used as a safeguard for app metrics in the entire Yelp consumer app organization.

In addition, Dhruv graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's degree in Computer Science and AI from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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