Dr. Anamika Datta Stark


Dr. Anamika Datta Stark

Sr. Product Manager at Zalando. Formerly at Amazon & Flipkart.

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Dr. Anamika Datta Stark is a Senior Product Manager at Zalando with six years of professional experience working in and leading product teams across India and Germany. She is also currently a Senior Product Consultant at Alison Publishing. She has worked in Consumer Products, Enterprise Products as well as B2B across industries like Fashion eCommerce, Real Estate, Education, and Medical Tech launching products and services, designing product solutions for business needs, and leading discovery for new markets launch. 

Recently, Anamika also joined as Head of Product for MedEngine, a health Tech start-up that is committed to helping People with Parkinson's manage their health in between doctors' visits. MedEngine is CEO'd by Dr. Philipp Brunnbauer and his team of enthusiastic technologists and working on the Beta rollout for the Firmware device+app named 'Flytta'.

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