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Edith Harbaugh


Edith Harbaugh

CEO, LaunchDarkly

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Edith is the CEO and Co-founder of LaunchDarkly a Management Platform that assists software teams in improving their software as quickly as possible. The platform serves more than 100 billion feature flags every day. Edith wears many hats as she is also a Mentor at HMC INQ and Alchemist Accelerator, Contributing Writer at Readwrite, and Co-Host of the Podcast To Be Continuous. Before diving into these roles she worked as Product Director at TripIT, creating strategy, analytics, and marketing product services for TripIt, TripIt Pro, TripIt for Teams, and ExpenseIt. During her four years at the company, she increased subscription revenue by 500% with her awe-inspiring customer service and communication skills. Edith is an ideas person who is always ready with strong data to back each one up. She obtained her Bachelor in Engineering at Harvey Mudd College.

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