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Elena Verna

Head of Growth, Amplitude

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Elena Verna is Head of Growth at Amplitude. She is also a Growth Advisor to companies including Krisp, MongoDB, Ledgy, and Maze. She is a Board Member at Netlify and was a former CMO at Miro, SVP for Product and Growth at Malwarebytes, and also an SVP of Growth at SurveyMonkey. Her specialty is standing up product-led growth models for B2B.

Elena has over a decade of experience in PLG SaaS companies specializing in acquisition, viral loops, monetization, and retention within product and marketing teams. She enjoys working on freemium/trial self-serve subscription models for both B2C and B2B companies. She is also a Program Creator and Partner for Reforge and helped co-create two Reforge programs in 2020: Monetization + Pricing and Experimentation + Testing.

Elena’s primary mission is to facilitate growth and increase sales by developing a comprehensive marketing plan that will help Amplitude gain a competitive advantage. More specifically, she understands her company's position in the marketplace, using traditional methods, as well as newer technologies such as data analytics; determines how and where the company should be positioned in the future, develops the strategy to drive the organization to that future market position, and executes on that strategy. Elena has a Bachelor’s in Statistics from UC Berkeley. 

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