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Elina Frayerman is a highly motivated product manager with extensive experience in B2B and eCommerce products. She is a skilled leader responsible for creating customer-facing products from the ideation to the reality phase. Elina has a keen insight into assessing customer needs and requirements, and she has built strong working relationships with inbound and outbound teams based on a variety of stakeholder needs.

In her role as a Product Manager at, Elina is responsible for Machine Learning products. She constantly works on improving the product to cater to customer needs and make it as close to human interaction as possible. Elina is skilled in defining and prioritizing the product roadmap, KPIs, and overall strategy. Before Booking, she spent seven years at eBay, working on data, content, and product.

Elina has a great understanding of the product lifecycle, from the initial idea through the design and development to the delivery. She excels at focusing on the most important things, keeping her team on track, and building what matters most for the user. Elina is very organized and has excellent verbal and written communication skills. She always comes prepared to meetings, swims in the details, and knows where she wants to go. Above all, her personality is always calm, with a smile, and she is a real friend to all the people she works with.

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