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Emile Saad


Emile Saad

Senior Product Manager, Foot Locker

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Emile Saad is a very intelligent and committed professional with the capacity to understand technical issues quickly. Currently, he is a Senior Product Manager at Foot Locker. Prior to this, Emile was a Senior Product Manager at Groupon, ensuring services integrate into the overall platform in a coherent and performant way, with an eye towards a single platform serving all geographies, driving the evolution of the back-office processes with the larger architecture, product design, and planning processes. Additionally, Emile worked with highly talented teams to execute the platform's back-office integration roadmap and worked deeply with other Product and engineering teams to generate innovative solutions to technical and Product conundrums. He began working at Groupon as an Intern, working on initiatives related to Groupon's mobile website, defining a post-subscriptions roadmap for Groupon's mobile website, analyzing an A/B experiment on email subscriptions feature on the mobile website, and building a basic financial model to estimate the impact of a business decision.

Emile first gained Engineering experience working at KnowledgeView where he managed the on-site software deployment project for Al Jarida an influential Kuwait newspaper. Emile is a professional that continuously thrives to stay ahead of his peers, he possesses a unique blend of passion, intellectuality, commitment, talent, creativity, and skill set, all of which are essential attributes that excel further and accelerate to sensitive responsibilities.

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