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Esosa Oliha

Product Lead - Data, Spotify

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Esosa Oliha is an accomplished Product Lead with a track record of successfully creating exceptional data products and empowering product teams with data-driven insights. In her current role at Spotify as a Product Lead for Data Engineering Platform and Partner Experience, Esosa has driven innovation and enabled seamless data operations. Her career is marked by a journey of leadership, starting with her role as a Senior Product Manager for Data Foundation at SoundCloud, where she led cross-functional data teams in the development of central data products. She consistently employs problem-driven roadmaps and establishes KPIs to measure product performance, thus setting the stage for achieving objectives and key results.

Esosa's dedication to enhancing the product landscape with data-backed insights is not only inspiring but also sets a remarkable example for emerging product managers. Esosa's influence extends to the very core of data product development, and her commitment to fostering data-informed product teams is making an indelible mark in the industry. With a blend of expertise and a proven ability to translate data into actionable product strategies, she continues to shape the data product landscape, enabling companies to thrive in a data-driven world.

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