Fábio Duarte


Fábio Duarte

Product Leader, Ferfetch

Fabio is a Product Leader currently working at Farfetch. He is a product professional with experience acquired in 17 different companies worldwide—his product career journey started at Montreal when he developed an end-to-end new technology, a tool to facilitate interactive eLearning multimedia. Back in Brazil, Fabio worked for various leading or hyper-growth startups either on e-commerce or Education. At Booking.com in Amsterdam, he was a Technical Product Manager with the Continuous Integration team. He provided the vision of the ideal code testing experience, integrating with existing CI platforms or building custom integrations and dashboards, enabling a faster and bug-free development. Today, In Portugal, Fabio develops powerful segmented experiences that address what the users need to see at every step of their journey by adopting the proper "growth hacking" framework, connecting Product and Marketing to build a coherent journey.

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