Fabrizio Salzano


Fabrizio Salzano

Product Leader, Booking.com

Fabrizio has been working in the travel industry for 14 years. Now he is bringing his strong user experience and technology background to the product team at Booking.com. He started out with the company as an e-commerce Product Owner for Direct Marketing. He developed their direct marketing channel used by millions in 41 languages. He also built an A/B test solution for in-house email campaign tracking and testing.

After two years he switched his focus to growing the organic and Booking.com app traffic, his efforts resulted in a 5x growth. Next, he was promoted to Senior Product Owner for Growth and Upper Funnel Conversion. He is currently focused on supply optimization, helping Booking.com partners improve their sales performance on the web platforms.

Before that, he spent three years at Expedia Group, focusing on Venere.com. In his first role as Lead User Experience Manager, he directed the user experience strategy and led the company's return to a user-centered design approach by reintroducing user research and A/B testing.

Fabrizio earned his Bachelor of Science from Sapienza Università di Roma. His studies, which were focused on technology and human-computer interaction, gave him the strong foundations to jump-start his career in e-commerce.

His colleagues consider him a great people person with impressive teamwork skills. He is someone you can rely on when you need help or advice, as he recognizes the importance of strong personal relationships. No matter the situation he always stays focused, motivated, and looks ahead to what the future will look like for his products and team.

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