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Fani Bahar


Fani Bahar

Senior Product Manager, Pivotol Software

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Fani has 9 years of experience in Product and has been taking a role to build a diverse point of view as a Product person. As a business analyst, she learned business roadmap and business strategy, and as a Developer, she implemented her technical background. Fani draws her interest in human-computer interaction, the role that captures the necessity of designing a user-centered Product. Her specialties include Product Management, User-Centered Design, User Needs, Project Management, and Design Thinking. Currently, Fani is a Senior Product Manager of Application Transformation from Pivotal Software. Prior to her current role, she was a Lead Product Manager for Leverton, after being a Senior Product Manager. During Fani’s time at Leverton, she worked closely with a team of 3 engineers, UX designers, QA engineer as part of her responsibilities in the input management module, which they allow their user to manage and prepare their legal document into Leverton’s platform before they send it to AI extraction process. The module also included the Project Management tools and review tools for manual annotation as part of training the AI. Additionally, she was responsible to gather requirements together with UX designers from clients, sales teams, and customer success management teams to build a SAAS project setup module before the client starts the project for their legal document. Fani is conscientious, skilled, dedicated, and a very professional Product Manager. She always listens to the team and aligns product road map greatly.

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