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Fred Koopmans

Chief Product Officer, BigPanda

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Fred Koopmans is an accomplished builder, weaving together a tapestry of trusted partnerships with enterprise customers. As the Chief Product Officer at BigPanda, he stands at the forefront of empowering teams responsible for maintaining the digital heartbeat of the world. Fred's approach is characterized by a unique blend of empathy, transparency, and steadfast follow-through, fostering an environment where product roadmaps not only navigate chaos but also align internal functions toward a shared future. His adeptness at developing individuals to exceed expectations is a testament to his leadership style, where each team member is encouraged to punch above their weight.

Previously, Fred held pivotal roles at Cloudera, where he served as the Senior Vice President of Product Management, overseeing the next-generation hybrid cloud data services. As the VP of Product Management, he successfully orchestrated the company's pivot from an on-premises, open-source technology entity to a hybrid cloud, data platform-as-a-service powerhouse, steering revenue growth from $300M to $1B. Fred's ability to balance technical intricacies and customer requirements positions him as a strategic force in the industry. Colleagues commend his exceptional presentation skills, dedication to success, and ability to navigate challenges with a unique blend of technical understanding and strategic communication.

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