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Gautam Malik


Gautam Malik

Head of Product, Zalando

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Gautam is extremely well-versed in the world of product, with over a decade working in product management and development. He is currently Head of Product at Zalando for their zDirect Platform. Before his current role, he worked as a Product Lead for the zDirect Partner Life Cycle and Tech Foundation, was a Product Owner for their Direct Integration and Merchant Operations, and was a Commercial Program Lead for their Merchant Operations. He also spent a period of time as Head of Projects for Wayfair's EU freight network. He has been praised by one colleague as one of the most organized, analytical, and process-oriented professionals they have ever come across. He earned his Master of Business Administration from ESADE Business and Law School, spending one year on their exchange program studying at the University of Michigan School of Business. He has worked in various functions, roles, and industries in five countries, gaining immaculate experience through collaboration with teams in diverse environments.

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