Gianluca Gindro


Gianluca Gindro

Head of Analytics and Data Science, Kuoni

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Gianluca is a hands-on leader in the Data and Analytics space, interested in data challenges with a direct impact on the overall performance of a company. Currently, he is the Head of Analytics and Data Science at Kuoni Global Travel Services, a longstanding global leader in group travel services based in London, UK. His professional career began as a Management Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton and as a Senior Consultant at Innovative Consulting, where he worked in Italy and Germany on an organizational project based on best practice approaches. After graduating with an MBA from INSEAD University, he set-up and lead the Business Intelligence team at Groupon, organizing from scratch the Company information in a usable form. While at Groupon, he attained various roles as a Head of Business Intelligence, Head of Data Analytics eventually to a Senior BI Product Manager, where he globally managed big data web and mobile analytics, from weblogs to management funnel dashboards. Gianluca has strong expertise in setting up data capabilities in high growth and tech environments. Moreover, he is a guest lecturer at Product School events and a Senior Data Analytics Instructor, specializing in web and business analytics, SQL, statistics, and machine learning. As a Lead Instructor, Gianluca teaches different analysis tools, various mathematical concepts, and engages in hands-on studies.

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