Greg Smith


Greg Smith

Senior Product Manager, Twitch

Greg Smith is a Senior Product Manager at Twitch based in San Francisco who enjoys creating compelling shared real time experiences. In his extensive career of over a decade he developed processes for maintaining efficient sales and helped grow profitable businesses.

Greg first broke into Product as a Program Manager at Beliza Design, where he managed major sales accounts including customer service and new product launches. Even though trained in Computer Science, Greg also has a background in Graphic Design; he has worked as a Graphic Designer at the University of Michigan contracted by the Spectrum Center on two projects. Greg has progressively attained higher managerial roles at Microsoft from Program Manager to a Senior Program Manager, specialising in Xbox Live Social and Live Services.

Today, Greg is a successful Senior Program Manager at Twitch, where his responsibilities include working on the Extensions team and building products to empower developers of all types. Greg proudly holds a dual Master of Computer Information Technology and Computer Graphics & Game Technology from the University of Pennsylvania. Moreover, he is a featured speaker at Product School, where he enjoys speaking with a group on his unique path to becoming a Product Manager at Twitch, and the lessons he has learned along the way.

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