Guilherme Bertola

Product Manager, Delivery Hero

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Guilherme Bertola has global experience working as a data-driven Product Manager. He is currently on the Product team at Delivery Hero in Berlin. Before this, he worked as a PM at Brazil's largest real estate company, Groupo Zap. He worked on building a platform that made communication between advisors and home-buyers more effective. When he was at Sephora, he implemented the agile method and led a global team working on mobile development. Guilherme has also worked on Product teams in various sectors including home and sports.

Guilherme attended Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Paraná in Brazil where he earned his Bachelor's in Advertising and Applied Communication. He also holds two MBAs, the first in Marketing Management from the Universidade Positivo and the second in Applied Consumer Science from ESPM (The Higher School of Advertising and Marketing). More recently, he completed a Recommender Systems Specialization through the University of Minnesota.

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