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Hannah Chaplin

Director of Feedback and Mobile, Pendo

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Hannah is a focused and efficient leader who brings intelligence and creative thinking along with a positive attitude to her work. She has a unique natural ability to ask the right questions and the tenacity to follow through with any required action. She keeps an excellent level of communication between the team and clients. Even when she is dealing with unreasonable demands by clients, she stays level-headed while giving concessions when needed. These are just a few of the reasons so many of her colleagues highly recommend her for any role or project.

She is currently the Director of Feedback and Mobile at Pendo. Before that, she was the Director of Pendo Feedback and prior to that, their Director of Product Management. She joined Pendo after they acquired her previous company, of which she was the CEO and Co-Founder. She has founded and co-founded a number of other companies including Ionic Melon Limited, where she was also the Owner, OrderHarmony, where she was also COO, and finally Team Nomad, where she was also the Head of Projects. She also spent two years as a Consultant at SeedCloud.

Hannah graduated from Open University with Honors. She earned her Bachelors in Social Sciences with Economics. She is also certified in Pendo Essentials and Hubspot Inbound. She has also volunteered her free time for organizations including Bradfield Parish Council and STEMNET. She enjoys inspiring and encouraging children to participate in technology projects as they explore the creative use of technology.

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