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Harish Govindarajan


Harish Govindarajan

Senior Manager of Product at Amazon (Alexa)

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Harish Govindarajan, a seasoned product leader, currently holds the role of Senior Manager of Product for Alexa Communications at Amazon. In this capacity, he leads an 80-member organization, overseeing product, engineering, and program management teams dedicated to crafting innovative voice-forward experiences for Alexa devices. With a focus on strategy development, clear vision setting, and fostering cross-functional collaboration, Harish drives initiatives ranging from telecom integrations to the implementation of AR/VR effects on video calls and announcements, catering to a user base exceeding 30 million.

With a diverse background at Amazon, Harish has showcased his leadership prowess in various capacities. As a Senior Manager of Product for Delivery Technology, he orchestrated the transformation of Amazon's global hub-and-spoke network, overseeing teams across continents and steering the evolution of logistics operations through innovative solutions and strategic planning. Prior to this, Harish played a pivotal role in launching and scaling SMB shipping businesses in both the UK and the US, where his strategic product development and customer-centric approach contributed significantly to business growth and success.

Harish's journey is underpinned by a robust educational foundation, holding a Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communications Engineering from Visvesvaraya Technological University, and an MBA in Finance and Operations from Symbiosis Centre For Management and Human Resource Development. His colleagues commend his sincerity, strong leadership, and unwavering commitment to long-term objectives, making him a highly valued member of any team fortunate enough to collaborate with him.

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