Harish Govindarajan


Harish Govindarajan

Senior Manager of Product and Engineering, Amazon (Alexa)

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Harish Govindarajan is a Product and Technology leader with extensive experience in building businesses from scratch on a global scale. He is passionate about problem-solving on behalf of the customer and innovating through technology. Currently, Harish is a Senior Manager of Product and Engineering for Alexa Communications at Amazon. In prior roles, he developed a cross-business global technology product for Amazon's delivery network and launched v1 of a differentiated fulfillment product for small-to-medium-sized eCommerce businesses in the UK and US. Harish has been progressively attaining higher managerial positions at Amazon, having started out as an Intern. He thrives in high-ambiguity environments and is passionate about the team culture, hiring the right people, and fueling their growth. 

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