Heather Harte


Heather Harte

Senior Product Manager, HubSpot

Heather is a highly adaptable and passionate Product Manager who embodies a continuous learning mindset and iterative approach in the problems she solves and in her teams' operating model. As a Senior Product Manager and Product Lead at HubSpot, she leads the teams that deliver system experiences where HubSpot go-to-market reps can perform their best work, while enabling the Hubspot business to scale faster and smarter. At HubSpot Heather has a track record of successfully driving high-impact, complex projects that span multiple parts of the organization, while also nurturing her team to become more autonomous. Before her current role, Heather was a Product Manager at the Travelwin Group where she was responsible for leading the development of e-sim technology products for the global corporate travel industry. During her time there, she invested heavily in team health and growing a transformative, agile product culture. Prior to her role at the Travelwin Group, Heather was a founding member of a SaaS platform for the hospitality recruitment industry, which was supported by a renowned Irish accelerator program (National Digital Research Centre). It is during this time where she truly developed her love of Product while working in a fast-paced environment and leading the development of a market-ready product in 12 weeks from inception, while "wearing many hats" as a founder. Heather is known to be an extremely self-motivated and result-driven individual who rallies her teams, business partners and customers around her strong product visions. Heather's path to becoming a PM was unconventional as she started her career in radio journalism where she honed her transferable communication and storytelling skills, and contributed to her successful career as a Product Manager.

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