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James McCormick

VP of Marketing, CreativeX

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James McCormick is a distinguished VP of Marketing at CreativeX, who is renowned for his expertise in digital experience analytics, insights, and AI. With his cutting-edge digital intelligence approaches, he has transformed businesses by optimizing decisions, experiences, and actions. He has extensive experience in developing and executing insights strategies that create sustained market differentiation.

As a sought-after consultant, James has worked with technology and services vendors in the digital data, analytics, marketing, personalization, and optimization space to define their business strategy, go-to-market, and product road-maps. He has a proven track record in senior management, with experience leading global services businesses in a range of industries including technology, telecommunications, financial services, retail, gaming, media, and manufacturing.

James is a visionary leader who understands the importance of teamwork and coordination between departments. His strong customer focus and excellent organizational skills have enabled him to leverage his team's strengths to deliver exceptional results. He is an excellent industry professional with a keen eye for the bigger picture, ensuring successful sales and renewals. His professionalism, good nature, and commitment to delivering great work make him a true asset to any team.

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