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Jared Arrington


Jared Arrington

Product Leader, Squarespace

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Three words that easily describe Jared are without question, organized, intelligent and driven. He is a Product Leader at Square space who absolutely shines when it comes to working with and across different teams. Through collaboration, he levels up products through a better understanding of the market.

Jared's career in Product began at Bunk1. He started out as a Marketing Analyst. He thrived in his role by implementing metric tracking, undertaking communications plans, and gathering 13 contracts which led to a 15% increase in revenue. Once he was promoted to the role of Product Manager he became responsible for creating a bold vision and strong strategy for the product roadmaps. He stepped up and improved project velocity by 21% through the onboarding of the business operations team to JIRA. He was also a part of the launch of two mobile apps that just flourished with over 100K downloads.

Jared is truly someone anyone would be lucky to work alongside, according to those who have. He really steps up to the plate and goes above and beyond by eagerly doing extra research or staying late to complete the task at hand. He also makes sure to reflect on his previous work in his attempt to always be improving. He is someone who leads by example and always encourages his entire team to put in their finest effort.

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