Jason Brown


Jason Brown

Senior Product Manager, Spotify

Jason is a transformational leader delivering software and business innovation. With a background in IT, Startups and Development, he is currently working as a Senior Product Manager at Spotify. He led transformation in Publishing, Investment, Government, Entertainment and Architecture. Now he is increasing the GDP of the Spotify ecosystem, providing the right ways to get paid, which enables and inspires new paid products and services. He is also adding more desirable ways for people in growth regions to pay Spotify, so they don’t stop customers at the door, and support growth for Spotify’s proven businesses. He is improving the payment capabilities to ensure it will never be the limitation for innovating on business. Prior to that, Jason worked as Product Manager at Reliance Industries Jio for Equal Experts in India, He was responsible for setting up a team to facilitate the roll-out of JioGigaFiber to 50 million homes across 1,100 cities. Developing a software platform to onboard, guiding and measuring the work of independent field agents to achieve the target of 1M installations per week.

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