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Jeffrey Wang

Co-founder and Chief Architect, Amplitude

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Jeffrey Wang, the visionary software engineer behind Amplitude Analytics, is driven by a passion for crafting software solutions that tackle real-world challenges head-on. With a knack for both pragmatic and theoretical problem-solving, his expertise spans diverse domains including data mining, distributed systems, machine learning, and security.

At Amplitude Analytics, Jeffrey co-founded the company and holds the role of Chief Architect. Over nearly a decade he has played a key role in helping organizations elevate their product development efforts through cutting-edge behavioral analytics. At Amplitude, they are pushing the boundaries of technology with a relentless focus on distributed systems, data engineering, and data visualization, all aimed at propelling the digital product revolution forward.

His journey to Amplitude included formative early experiences at tech giants like Microsoft and Google where he held various coveted internships. He completed these internships all while pursing his Bachelor's in Computer Science at Stanford University. His whole career since has been a testament to his unwavering commitment to innovation and problem-solving, and his insights continue to inspire and drive progress in the tech industry.

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