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Jenny Zhang

Product Manager, Capital One

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Jenny Zhang is a San Francisco-based Product Manager at Capital One and a passionate, frequent public speaker. Jenny has graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s degree in Anthropology, however, she has also created her own major to study making political art in community-based, participatory, post-modernity.

At Capital One, as a Product Manager specializing in Mobile Commerce, Jenny has increased key performance indicators such as doubling monthly engagement, increasing the user rate, and increasing the notification tap-through rate to 50%. Thanks to her experience in design, as a UX/UI design lead at Offerpop, Jenny has helped small and medium businesses take down servers by acquiring, engaging, and converting more users than expected. Moreover, she has designed an analytics tool to prove ROI to social media managers, their managers, and budgeting as well.

Today, Jenny seeks a Senior Product Manager position where she enjoys using her experience solving pain points in the initial stages of MVPs and then scaling solutions for wider market adoption. Jenny is an advocate of change management and likes to embrace the uncomfortable and unknown. She believes that to empathize with the change it takes to innovate for a better product, a better user experience, and eventually a better future. As a passionate rapper, Jenny manages to align product strategy cross-functionally while at the same time helping others find their own voice in public speaking.

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