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Jesse Tayler

AppStore Inventor, CTO at StoreMe

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Jesse Tayler invented the first App Store and personally demonstrated it to Steve Jobs in 1993. He created the geo-commerce website that delivered the first online food order, the origin behind today's GrubHub. Jesse was Chief Technical Officer and founding systems architect behind the earliest online trading platform, Round1 Private Capital Marketplace, a bank-validated startup garnering venture rounds in the tens of millions.

Jesse was a childhood engineer who learned assembly language and soldered computer chips as a grade-school hobby. By the turn of the century, Jesse was a recognized expert who had already created mission-critical custom applications at major telecom, Pharma, and banking institutions. A visionary pioneer in Social Networking predating both MySpace and Facebook, confounding the social software startup (NetModular) that launched hundreds of notable sites, some of which are quite large today such as the AlwaysOn/GoingOn Network.

Over the last decade, Jesse has co-authored books on software processes, composed music streamed on Spotify & iTunes, and rose to executive producer of a Documentary film project on the history of computing. Jesse's continues successful hands-on leadership at high-tech startups today.

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