Jessica Fredican


Jessica Fredican

Director of Product Management Flatiron Health. Former Capital One, Sotheby's & Publicis

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Jessica Fredican has successfully taken multiple products from inception to scale at startups and large corporate environments including Capital One, Sotheby's International Realty and Vitals. Currently, she’s Director of Product Management for TechOps at Flatiron Health. Before, at Capital One as Head of Product Management, focused on reimagining their customer servicing paradigm and the digital tools their associates leverage to support customers' transition to digital banking, while also developing lightweight products that support Capital One's growth and retention strategies. At Vitals as Director of Product Management,  Jessica focused on leading customers and businesses through digital transformation, building products that span consumer and enterprise needs that included marketplaces, SaaS platforms, and enterprise products. Jessica is passionate about maturing the product discipline at organizations and brings multiple frameworks she’s successfully leveraged in the past and the expertise to know which to employ at what stage of an organization's maturity. Beginning her career as an Engineer has given her a technical edge to be able to build effective partnerships with Engineering Leadership to deliver exceptional products. As a leader, Jessica believes she’s accountable for the team’s success and establishes the success measures for her team to empower them to solve hard problems, while staying hands on to ensure successful execution. Jessica graduated Magna Cum Laude from Skidmore College and has a Master of Science in Internet Technology from Pace University.

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