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Johnny Zhou

Former Product Manager, Compass

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Johnny Zhou is a talented product professional with several years of experience in late-stage and post-exit startups. He has worked as a Product Manager at Jet and Compass, where he played a pivotal role in the inception and launch of new products, including pricing tools and new pricing algorithms. At Compass, Johnny influenced the company's product strategy to build a consistent and powerful collaboration experience for real estate agents. He has also become a product advisor for his friends' startups, where he provides invaluable insights and guidance to help them succeed.

Johnny's work style and skills are characterized by a strong ability to understand complex technical specifications and distill them into easy-to-understand language. He is adept at managing sensitive deadlines and shielding the engineering team from unnecessary distractions, while also ensuring that he had all the necessary information to keep projects on track. Johnny's expertise and insights have been instrumental in helping his teams solve complex problems and launch successful products. Outside of work, Johnny is also a talented street photographer and Chinese podcast host.

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