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Joshua Kell

Product Maketing Lead Consultant. Formerly Yahoo & Monster

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Joshua has been in Product Management & Marketing for over 20 years, owning and growing high-volume mobile, digital, and e-commerce products & solutions. He has worked across a variety of industries but found his sweet spot in Travel & Hospitality, Loyalty, & E-Commerce, leading startups to Fortune 100 companies.Today, he is a freelance Consultant, advising and mentoring in the areas of Product Management on launch planning, mobile strategy, innovation, and user experience, to name a few. Joshua is a seasoned leader, bringing to this role excellent interpersonal skills, strong management background, and extensive industry knowledge; he is passionate in particular about the Travel & Hospitality field that allows product enthusiasts like himself to merge real-world experience with a tech-driven virtual experience. On top of his professional endeavors, Joshua is also an avid volunteer; to date, he is an active member of the Alliance for the Great Lakes, an independent protection organization in North America. Apart from being a former UX/UI designer, data-crunching analyst, and evangelizing, metrics-driven marketer, Joshua is also an empathetic and innovative storyteller who inspires both his clients and students.He graduated from Miami University. Outside of his day job routine, Joshua is a passionate road biker and an aspiring kiteboarder.  

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