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Joshuah Vincent


Joshuah Vincent

Principal Product Manager, Zillow

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Joshuah’s objective is to provide Technical Leadership, Product Strategy, Customer Development, Product Design, and cross-disciplinary synergies in order to deliver the best in class services that deliver high value to customers. He’s a user-centered technical Product Manager and Product Designer, experienced in building hardware, software and web services. Joshuah loves creating products that solve real customer pain points and bring magic and delight and has extensive experiences building highly technical platforms and solutions as well as consumer-facing products. He’s contributed to both large companies and startups, shipping products that reach hundreds of millions of customers, as well as a founder. Currently, Joshuah is a Principal Product Manager at Zillow for the Immersive Experiences team. After graduating Honors from Rhodes University with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and Information Systems, Joshuah began his career at Microsoft as a Program Manager. Dedicating nearly 9 years to Microsoft, he then became the Co-founder of, where he was responsible for product vision, PRDs, research, fundraising, marketing, testing, contractor hiring, build management, branding and product design. Some of Joshuah’s key skills and strengths are partnering across disciplines – successfully delivering highly complex products that require partnerships across disciplines and departments to drive business value and consumer delight, and consumer hardware and software – demonstrating ability to deliver on projects requiring deep level of analytical abilities, technical understanding as well as creative and innovative product design in software, services and hardware.


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