Kirsten Van Detta


Kirsten Van Detta

Group Product Manager, LinkedIn

Kirsten Van Detta's goal as a product professional is to get people to love their business technology just as much as they love their personal technology. She enjoys empowering her teams to create simple but innovative solutions that help people get things done faster. She is especially keen on building products that can be used by anyone around the world regardless of their language, location, or ability.

She is currently working on Sales Technology as a Group Product Manager at LinkedIn. Before this, she spent almost two years as a Principal Enterprise Applications Product Manager at the University of Arizona, working on a collaborative cross-functional team to deliver modern, time-saving solutions to students and the university's digital experience as a whole.

Prior to that, she spent a good portion of time working her way up the ladder at Simpleview. She started out as a Customer Relationship Management Project Manager. She was promoted three times within the CRM team before she started focusing on Special Projects as a Senior Project Manager. Her last role at the company was as a Product Manager, where she delivered six major product releases within her first two years of the role.

Kirsten studied Political Science and Government at the University of Arizona. She eventually transferred to Northern Arizona University where she earned her Bachelor's in International Relations. She also has a Master's in Marketing from Washington State University.

According to one of her colleagues, she is optimistic, a stellar communicator, and a valuable team member. She works to deliver the highest value items to her customers and makes sure to always keep them in mind when advancing her team and product.

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